Studying Communications at Hanover,  a big part of the curriculum centered around digital media - it was then that a love for photography and videography was born, and I haven't turned back since.

After dabbling around with a 35mm camera for quite some time, my first DSLR was a Canon T4i.  I knew one day I wanted to start a family, and I wanted to be able to document every memory, milestone and more.  At only a few hundred bucks for the camera and a couple lenses I figured it would be way cheaper to do it myself than hire it out.  Pro tip: it's not.  I quickly outgrew that camera and upgraded to a Canon 5d Mark III, and it was at this point that my "hobby" really took off.  I continued to gain experience over the next several years by shooting everything in sight, picking up odd assignments here and there (photographing Cincinnati sporting events, Real Estate, newly opened Health Clubs, etc), but something always brought me back to photographing people and capturing small moments in life that could be turned into permanent memories.  Taking the intangible and making it tangible.  That's when I decided to focus all of my attention on portrait photography.  For me, photographing people is much more than shooting a cheesy smile, it's about telling a story. The picture behind this text is our oldest son and I, and for me, speaks of the immediate bond between a father and a son.  Such a simple photo with such a big story to tell.  

I love meeting new people through photography, whether it's soon to be first-time parents, or established families of all shapes and sizes - I view everyone I work with as family, and want you to feel the same about me. 


Frequently Asked Questions...

Q:  Are you accredited and insured?

A:  Yes, I am a proud member of the Professional Photographers of America and carry both equipment and general liability insurance. 

Q:  What should we wear to our shoot?

A:  Clothes are a good start.  Beyond that it's totally up to you but we recommend avoiding bright neon colored tops as these will reflect that same color onto your skin.

Q:  What kind of gear do you shoot with?

A:  I use the latest and greatest professional offerings from Sony, specifically the game-changing A9 and A7RIII, as well as the A7III.  I switched from the Canon 5d Mark III over 4 years ago and could not be happier.  So many professionals are now trading in their Canon's and Nikon's for the faster, lighter, higher resolution Sony system, so in that sense I’m kind of like a pioneer or something.  

Q:  How do you upload, edit, and deliver your photographs so fast?  Do you sacrifice quality to do so?

A:  I’m awesome.  And absolutely not!  I find it impossible to go to bed without uploading your photos first.  You could call it a complex.  The reality is I’m just as eager to see the final images as you are.  So of course I can't just upload them and go to bed - I have to start tinkering with them right away and tinkering leads to full-blown editing sessions.  I generally spend 5+ hours editing for each hour shooting in order to be certain I’m delivering a top notch product.  So while I may sacrifice some sleep, I certainly will never sacrifice quality.  

Q:  How will I receive my images?

A:  All images will be available to download from your very own password protected gallery.  They will not have a watermark on them, and will be ready for any printing or sharing you want to do.

Q:  Where will you shoot at?

A:  Just about anywhere in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky or Southeast Indiana - basically in and around the I-275 loop.  I’m familiar with all the typical locations - Ault Park, Eden Park, Drees Pavilion, Smale Park, Spring Grove, etc. etc.  But I also love the less-known locations such as George Rogers Clark Park (Covington) and the Mt Airy Arboretum.  I love finding new spots too, so if you have somewhere near and dear to your heart I'll be there.

Q:  I want to get updated family photographs taken but I have a large family - are you going to charge me more?

A:  No!  Never.  I’m Catholic and I love big families.  Charging additional for families with more than 5 people is one of the goofiest things I see in this industry.  I just ask that you limit it to immediate family only.  If you have something else in mind with Aunt Edna, Uncle Buck, and your 12 cousins, let's talk about that separately.    

Q:  I've got some super sweet ideas for my shoot that I'd like you to incorporate, is that possible?

A:  I like super sweet ideas.  I have several of my own.  However, within reason, I’m always open to new ones.  Been on a Pinning binge as of late and want to imitate some poses, etc?  Yea, of course we can do that.  

Q:  What file format do you shoot in?

A:  RAW.  All day, every day.  The final edits I deliver will be converted to JPG's for universal use, but I always shoot RAW for maximum control over the images during the editing process.  If you're not familiar with file formats, you can do some research online but it will bore you half to death.  Take my word for it, every serious photographer shoots RAW.  

Q:  My computer crapped out and the digital copies of my photographs went with it.  Am I totally S.O.L?  

A:  Nah, I got you.  You'll have access to your private online gallery for 1 yr once I post them.  You can download them as much as needed.  After a year, I'll likely still have them backed up somewhere.  Just get in touch with me.      

Q:  What forms of payment do you accept?

A:  I accept Cash, Credit, Debit, PayPal, Square or Venmo. 

Q: Who designed your website?

A:  I did.  Unless you hate it, then someone else did.